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General And Commercial Litigation

There are times in everyone’s lives when a simple disagreement escalates into an all-out war, with both sides threatening litigation. Often the disagreements are settled amicably and the parties are able to shake hands and move on. Sometimes, however, the issues are so serious and so complex that they seem to be impossible to resolve. This is when you need the help of well-trained litigation attorneys to help you settle the matter, or if that proves impossible, to get you the best result possible out of litigation.

The attorneys at the law firm of John N. Fath, P.C. have extensive experience litigating a variety of matters. We have handled hundreds of cases in all courts in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and in other parts of New York State. We understand the complexity and demands of litigation. We use the most advanced technological research systems available, and we have a proven track record in the courtroom.

We work with our clients to make sure they get the best result possible for their case. Because of the many years we have worked in and around the courts of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we are familiar with the various attorneys and judges and frequently we are able to resolve disputes in an amicable fashion short of litigation, which can be very costly and time-consuming. Even when our clients are being sued or when their cases are weak, we are still able in many cases to obtain a settlement that they are well satisfied with.

Sometimes, however, litigation is unavoidable. If a matter needs to be tried to conclusion we will do it. We don’t settle cases just to end them. We settle cases only when we feel it is the best, most expeditious and most economical way to conclude the matter. We are ready to help you with:

  • Property Disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Disputes with State and Local Governmental Agencies

We will work closely with you to develop cost-effective litigation strategies that won’t cost you a fortune. We pride ourselves on personal attention to our clients. We return phone calls and respond to emails promptly, and we will keep you informed on a regular basis of the progress of your case. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get away from work during the day; for this reason, we are available for evening and weekend appointments.

The attorneys at the law firm of John N. Fath, P.C. are ready, willing and more than able to help you. Call or email us today to discuss how we can get your conflict resolved quickly and efficiently.

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