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Purchasing a new home is an exciting time, especially if it is your first home purchase. Too often purchasers let their eagerness to close the deal and move into their new home work against their interests. Suddenly they find they are subject to fees and costs they didn’t know about, legal clauses in their documents they didn’t clearly understand, or issues with the new property they just bought.

Selling a home can also be an intimidating experience. If you already have purchased another home, you will be under pressure to get the sale closed by a certain date. What do you do if the buyers decide to pull out two days before the sale was to close? What if you want to get out of the contract you signed with your real estate agent? How do you go about dealing with problems that came up in your title report?

Don’t let these problems turn your home sale or purchase into an unpleasant experience. Whether this is your first time buying or selling a home or if you are a sophisticated real estate investor who has been through the process countless times, you will benefit from experienced, competent legal representation. Real estate agents may be quite knowledgeable, but their main goal is to close the sale, not to protect your interests, and they are not trained to read and understand the legal terminology that appears in purchase contracts, escrow statements, title reports and mortgage documents.

The attorneys at the law firm of John N. Fath, P.C. have over three decades of experience helping both buyers and sellers in Nassau County and Suffolk County get through the purchase and sale process as quickly as possible with the least possible amount of hassle. We are familiar with most of the local real estate offices and title companies as well as the special procedures that are followed by the various hamlets, villages, cities and towns of Nassau County and Suffolk County. This knowledge allows us to anticipate problems, arrive at solutions quickly, and get the deal closed without unnecessary delays. We can help you with:

  • Preparation and Review of Real Estate Contracts
  • Title Verification
  • Breach of Contract Issues
  • Buyer/Seller Disputes

Put our experience and dedication to work for you. Call or email the attorneys at the law firm of John N. Fath, P.C. today to see how we can help you get through the purchase or sale of your home quickly, efficiently, and without any unpleasant surprises.

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